Puffy Original Mattress

Mattress Specifications

Type: Memory Foam/ Polyfoam
Firmness Level: 5/10
Price for a Queen: $1,149
Sleep Trial: 101 Nights
Lifespan: About 12 Years

Puffy has three different all-foam mattresses for buyers to choose from. The Puffy Original is their most affordable but only comes in an all-foam option. Those looking for a Hybrid bed from Puffy will want to check out the Puffy Lux and the Puffy Royal.

The foam layers of the Puffy Original gives it a soft-medium feel, about a 5/10 on the firmness scale.

Other than Hybrid options, the critical difference between Puffy’s mattresses is their size. The Puffy Original is 10-inches tall, where the Lux is 12, and the Royal is a whopping 14. The height differences are due to extra comfort layers built into the Lux and Royal to provide…well… luxurious and royal levels of comfort through the night.

Let’s dive into the Puffy Original, their most affordable option for sleepers who prefer the plushness of an all-foam mattress.

(P.S. If the Puffy mattress sounds like it’ll work for you, then the Puffy Dog Bed will probably work for your best friend too!)

Materials & Construction

The Puffy Original is an all-foam mattress made from gel-infused foam in its comfort layer on top of a polyfoam transition layer. Below that transition layer is 6-inches of dense polyfoam to make up the base layer of the Puffy Original.

Here’s how it all breaks down layer by layer:

Puffy Original Comfort Layer

The Puffy’s comfort layer contains their patented Cooling Cloud foam, a gel-infused memory foam that provides cushioning for the entire body while keeping you from overheating.

Overall, memory foam has a nasty habit of trapping heat, so that’s to be expected from cheaper foam found in bottom-of-the-line mattresses. However, as you navigate the market of high-end beds, like Puffy, you’ll find multiple different foam infusion options meant to bolster the mattress’s cooling abilities.

Puffy Original Transition Layer  

Beneath the Cooling Cloud comfort layer rests a 2-inch transition layer made of Puffy’s Cloud Climate polyfoam. A buffer between the comfort and base layer, the transition layer is meant to cradle your body while preventing you from sinking too deeply into the mattress.

Imagine if your mattress was a trampoline. You land on the comfort layer, and the “sink” is the transition layer. The Base is the ground below. The transition layer keeps you from touching the ground while fully allowing your body to contour to the mattress.

The Puffy Original Base Layer

The Puffy’s base layer, made of high-density polyfoam, is designed to work with all sleep positions and sets the tone for the mattress’s overall feel. The base layer is what gives the Puffy Original that medium-firmness feel, which we’ll discuss below.


The Puffy Original comes with a medium feel, ideal for most average and lightweight individuals of all sleep positions. Of course, how a mattress “feels” will vary from user to user. It’s necessary to understand your personal sleep needs and compare them to customer reviews when buying a new mattress.

Sleepers of average or lightweight will sink right into the top comfort layer and find themselves cradled by Puffy’s transition layer. Those on the heavier side (230+ pounds) may sink too deep and end up hurting their back on the dense base layer.

That means heavier individuals will probably find themselves better suited to the firmness of a Hybrid bed (which Puffy can also happily supply).

Also, those who tend to switch positions at night will want to keep shopping around. While the Puffy Original does a great job of cradling or “hugging” your body, you may feel like you’re fighting with the mattress to roll over. We’ll touch more on that later.

Sleep Position & Pressure Relief

How you sleep at night is the most important factor to consider when buying a mattress. You’ve been sleeping this way for a while, perhaps your whole life. You shouldn’t have to change because you bought the wrong mattress. Make sure you buy the bed that works for you.

Side Sleepers

The Puffy Original is ideal for side sleepers.

Those who sleep on their side will need pressure relief around their shoulder and hips—the centers of gravity while sleeping. If your mattress is too firm, you’ll wake up with back, shoulder, and hip pain. Side sleepers will be hard-pressed to find a mattress that’s too soft for them, but some exceptions can be made. For example, heavyweight side sleepers could sink too deep into the mattress and wind up looking like the letter “U” (which isn’t good for your back).

The medium firmness of the Puffy Original will promote spinal alignment in light to average weight side sleepers. Those on the heavy side could give the Puffy Original a try, but they are better suited for something a little firmer.

Back Sleepers

Lumbar support is the most important thing for Back Sleepers. Without enough lumber support, they’ll wake up with serious back pain in the morning. That being said, light to average weight back sleepers will get everything they need out of the Puffy Original. It’s especially suited for lightweight back sleepers (<130 pounds).

However, heavyweight back sleepers will want to find something on the firmer side. In general, the soft comfort layers common with all-foam mattresses, such as the Puffy Original, tend to pose issues for heavier sleepers. As was the case with side sleepers, sinking too deeply into the Puffy Original when sleeping on your back can throw off your spinal alignment.

Stomach Sleepers

The only class of stomach sleepers who will find comfort in the Puffy Original are lightweight stomach sleepers. People who sleep on their stomachs, in general, require a firmer mattress. Too soft, and their midsection will sink into the bed, leading to backaches and pain. Strict stomach sleepers should keep shopping and may be more interested in Puffy’s hybrid mattresses.

Combo sleepers or anybody who might roll over on their stomach should ask themselves, “How do I fall asleep and wake up?” If the answer to either is “on my stomach,” you may be a predominant stomach sleeper.  

Lightweight stomach sleepers might find enough support on the Puffy Original, but that will be up to your personal preference.

Temperature Control & Breathability

While Puffy’s gel infusions do what they can to keep you cool at night, those who tend to sleep hot will want to stay away from the Puffy Original. That being said, they’ll want to stay away from all-foam mattresses in general. As memory foam gets hotter, it gets tighter around the body. Since there’s nowhere for the heat to effectively escape, you’ll inevitably feel hot at night.

Keep in mind; your bed is not the only factor when it comes to nighttime temperature. If you find your mattress is trapping too much heat, it may be time to invest in more breathable sheets and sleepwear.

Most should be fine with the Puffy Original when it comes to temperature control. However, if you struggle to keep cool at night, you’ll want to stay away. This is especially true for couples sharing the bed, as two bodies make for more heat.

Feel and Bounce

Those who move around at night and sexually active couples will want something with a little more ease of movement. The comfort and transition layers of the Puffy Original are too soft to provide the bounce couples need during intimacy. The comfort layers of memory foam conform to your body and, when you get up, will leave a noticeable imprint. I’ve you’ve ever tried to roll out of a shallow hole in the sand, you’ll have a good idea of what this might feel like.

Couples looking for a more responsive bed will want to shop hybrid, latex, or innerspring mattresses. These beds will provide the bounce they need, and they won’t feel like they’re fighting to move around in the mattress.

Motion Isolation

What couples sacrifice in feel and bounce with the Puffy Original, they’ll make up for in motion isolation. Motion transfer is a key factor for couples buying a new mattress. All-foam beds excel in this category because they trap even the most violent motions in the layers of foam.

Couples sharing the Puffy Original shouldn’t feel their partner rolling over at night or getting out of bed to use the bathroom. Couples sharing the Puffy Original can rest assured knowing they’ll get an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Edge Support

All-foam mattresses rarely provide decent edge support. The plush nature of the bed will leave you sinking into it when sitting on the edge of the bed. The Puffy Original’s comfort layer is designed to provide reinforced edges to provide as much support as an all-foam mattress can. Because of these reinforced edges, the Puffy Original performs at an above-average rate than most all-foam beds.

However, those who need assistance getting in and out of bed will still want something with a little more edge support. This is especially important for elderly individuals at risk of falls. They may need to get in and out of bed slowly, and something with minimal edge support will make that harder.

Also, those who sleep near the edge of the bed, especially those on the heavier side, may feel like they’re about to fall off due to increased sag.


All-foam mattresses are less durable than innersprings and hybrids. The foams, even high-quality ones, will sag and degrade without the support from solid coils. While high-quality all-foam beds won’t fail after one or two years, they probably won’t carry you through the next decade.

However, the Puffy Original boasts such high-quality materials that should net you 12-14 good years if you take proper care of it. The Puffy Original also comes with a lifetime warranty to cover any damage that occurs in the course of normal, proper use. This includes indents greater than 1.5 inches and natural wear and tear if being used with the proper size bed frame.

The Puffy Original also comes with a 101-night sleep trial, giving you plenty of time to sleep on your decision.