Midnight Luxe by Helix Sleep

Mattress Specifications

Type: Hybrid
Firmness Level: 6/10
Price for a Queen: $1,949
Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
Warranty: 10 Years

When it comes to shopping for a bed-in-a-box, Helix Sleep mattresses are an excellent starting point. The company offers a wide variety of mattresses tailored to different sleep positions. You can take Helix’s Sleep Quiz to determine which of their mattresses is right for you.

Below is our review of the Helix Midnight Luxe, a medium-firm mattress ideal for side and back sleepers. Each Helix mattress comes in its base model and its Luxe model. The Luxe version of each bed features added temperature control, higher-quality material, and enhanced features. These enhanced features included Zoned Lumbar Support and Tencel Airflow Technology.

Materials & Construction

This hybrid mattress provides both support and pressure relief with medium-firm memory foam and polyfoam layered over pocket coils. Below, we’ll break down Helix’s most popular bed-in-a-box product—the Midnight Hybrid—layer by layer.


The Midnight’s Luxe’s cover is made from Ultra-Breathable Tencel fibers designed to keep you cool through the night. It’s these added temperature control features that separate the Midnight Luxe from the base version.

Comfort Layer

The Midnight uses Helix’s unique blend Memory Plus Foam for optimized comfort and a medium feel. The foam itself should provide a gentle contour when relaxing on the mattress while aiding in pressure relief. The thin nature of this comfort layer shouldn’t leave you “sinking” into the bed. The Midnight provides a good balance of contour and support.

Support Layer 1

That’s right, the Midnight Luxe features two support layers, one foam, one wrapped pocket coils. The first layer contains gel Visco memory foam meant for added support and breathability.

Transition Layer

This high-grade polyfoam transition layer will provide added ergonomic support for your body. It acts as buffer layers between the two support layers of the Midnight Luxe.

Support Layer

The Helix Midnight Luxe’s support layer contains 1,000+ individually wrapped coils to keep you supported while limiting motion transfer. A reinforced perimeter also provides more edge support than pure-foam mattresses. The coils themselves will give the Helix Midnight a little more bounce making it suitable for active couples.

Zoned support varies the compression of these coils, making them softer around the hips and legs while staying firm in the lumbar area.

Base Layer

A thin layer of thick support foam rounds out the Midnight Luxe’s construction. This layer is meant to support the entire mattress and keep it from sagging. It also promotes longevity and durability.


The Helix Midnight sits on the medium-firm end of the spectrum, about a 6/10. The Midnight falls in line with the nature of a hybrid mattress. The pocket coils provide bounce and support, while the foam layers provide comfort and contour.

No matter your sleep position, you shouldn’t have trouble rolling over and moving around at night. Reviewers have made mention of significant back pain relief when sleeping on their Helix Midnight. Other side-sleeping reviewers mentioned pressure relief at their shoulders.

The medium-firm feel makes it ideal for back sleepers. Side sleepers will still get the most out of the Midnight, while stomach sleepers might prefer something on the firmer side.

Sleep Position & Pressure Relief

While on the subject, let’s dive into the three sleep positions and how each type of buyer might benefit from buying the Helix Midnight.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers should thoroughly enjoy the Helix Midnight. With support and pressure relief across the entire body, strict back sleepers should have no problem sleeping comfortably and waking up pain-free. The added lumbar support from the Luxe’s Zoned Support layer makes this mattress a back sleeper’s paradise.

Average weight back sleepers (130-230 lbs) will get the most out of the Helix Midnight, while heavyweight back sleepers (230+ lbs) might prefer one of Helix’s firmer models, like The Helix Dusk). Helix does offer a specialized line of Plus Mattresses designed specifically for heavyweight sleepers.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers experience the most pressure on their shoulders and hips. This occurs because their centers of gravity are pulled to these two points when lying on their sides. As a medium-firm mattress, the Helix Midnight is an excellent option for side sleepers.

Weight-wise, side sleepers of all sizes should get the support and pressure relief they need from the Helix Midnight.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers require more firmness in a mattress to keep their spine aligned at night. Too soft, and their hips sink into the bed, leaving them with significant back pain in the morning. Strictly stomach sleepers will want to stray away from the Helix Midnight as it may be too soft for their taste.

Combo sleepers, those who change positions at night, will be able to get away with it, so long as they tend to end up on their back or side through most of the night.

Lightweight stomach sleepers (less than 130 lbs) also might be able to get away with sleeping on the Helix Midnight, but they should still consider firmer models.

Temperature Control & Breathability

All of Helix’s mattresses, Midnight included, boast optimized temperature control. The Soft Touch cover paired with pocket coils allows hot air to dissipate through the bed instead of becoming trapped in the foam.

Pure foam mattresses tend to trap heat in the thick layers of foam. Those who have trouble regulating their temperature at night should generally opt for hybrid mattresses, especially if they’re back and stomach sleepers.

If you’re not one to sleep hot, the Helix Midnight should work just fine for you. However, if overheating is still a major concern of yours, the Luxe versions of all Helix mattresses excel at breathability and temperature control.

Helix’s Luxe mattresses shine in temperature control due to their Tencel covers optimized for breathability. However, you will pay a premium price for it.

Feel & Bounce

Sexually active couples need bounce in their mattress, and the Helix Midnight will work just fine. The pocket coils will provide the bounce they need. However, the memory foam layers might make changing positions a little more challenging than it has to be. You won’t be getting stuck in the foam by any means, but you’ll notice it.

Those who use their mattress for other activities, like reading or checking emails in the morning, should also find themselves feeling supported by the pocket coils. You won’t sink into the bed and fall asleep while in the middle of a good book.

Motion Isolation

While on the subject of couples, motion transfer is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, factor in sharing the bed. The Midnight’s foam layers do an excellent job of trapping motion and keeping your partner undisturbed at night. Unless your partner decides to start jumping on the bed in the early hours of the morning, you shouldn’t feel them changing sleep positions or getting up to use the bathroom.

Edge Support

Edge support is essential for a variety of reasons. For example, people who share a mattress often desire even distribution of surface area. Edge sleepers, in general, don’t want to roll off the bed in the middle of the night. Finally, older individuals or those who need assistance getting into bed will use the mattress’s edge to support themselves.

The Helix Midnight offers sufficient edge support for all of these needs. This is likely due to the reinforced perimeter of the pocket coil support layer. While you’ll still press into the comfort layers, you won’t feel like you’re sagging into the edge of the bed. The medium-firm foam layers aid in this as well.


The Helix Midnight Luxe comes with a 10-year warranty covering natural wear and tear to the mattress. High-density foams and sturdy coils will extend the longevity of this mattress as well.

Furthermore, the Midnight’s base layer of foam will keep the coils from pressing into the hard floor of your bedroom. This increases the overall durability of your mattress.