Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Specifications

Type: Hybrid (Coils, Memory Foam) 
Firmness Level: 6/10
Price for a Queen: $1,799
Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
Warranty: 10 Years

Memory foam mattresses are known for their ability to contour to the sleeper’s body shape and for their hypo-allergenic nature, among many other positive attributes. However, the sinking feeling of memory foam is a turn-off for many people. For these people, a hybrid mattress may be ideal.

Manufacturers produce hybrid mattresses by combining two or more different types of conventional mattresses. Innerspring mattresses and memory foam mattresses are the popular choice of manufacturers to make hybrid mattresses.

People who sleep on a hybrid mattress experience the softness, contouring and low motion transfer of memory foam together

with the responsiveness and firm support of the innerspring coils.

One hybrid mattress you can trust is the Leesa Hybrid Mattress.

Materials & Construction

Leesa Hybrid Mattress has five layers spread across two zones, the comfort zone and the support core. The names of the zones reflect their purposes:

Comfort System

The uppermost part of the three-layered comfort system of this mattress is the 1.5 inch-polyfoam layer. With a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot (PCF), this layer has decent bounce and can also contour to your body shape while sleeping.

The underlying layer has the same thickness. However, the material is different. This layer uses relatively dense (4 PCF) memory foam to enhance the pressure relief and motion isolation functions of the mattress.

A 1-inch polyfoam layer makes up the last layer of the comfort system. Unlike the first layer, it has a low density of 2 PCF. This layer prevents the sinking effect that you experience when you lay on many memory foam mattresses.

Support Core

The support core sits beneath the lower polyfoam layer of the support system. Its uppermost layer consists of numerous pocked innerspring coils standing 6 inches thick. The coils around the edges of the mattress have additional reinforcement, offering additional support for people who sit or sleep on the mattress edge.

Another great thing about the pocketed coils is that each coil is not connected to the others. This independence helps reduce motion transfer associated with ordinary innerspring mattresses.

For the base layer of this mattress, the manufacturers employ 1 inch of polyfoam to provide shock absorption for the coils.


The Leesa Hybrid Mattress has a medium-firm feel. Overall, it has a value of 6/10 on the firmness scale. The medium density of the comfort zone allows the bed to assume your body shape while you sleep.

The mattress has a slight sinking feeling. However, it’s not as intense as the one associated with memory foam mattresses, thanks to the polyfoam layer below the memory foam layer.

Sleep Position & Pressure Relief

This mattress is a high-performance mattress when it comes to pressure relief. The 1.5-inch memory foam layer allows for slight contouring to accommodate excess pressure exerted on the bed by the pressure points in your body while you sleep.

Meanwhile, the innerspring coils are not only highly responsive but also offer excellent support. These layers combine to make the Leesa Hybrid the ideal mattress for back and side sleepers.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers exert more pressure on their mattress around the hips and shoulders. However, the body-conforming attributes and responsiveness of the innerspring coils ensure adequate pressure relief for side sleepers.

Back Sleepers

This mattress will serve back sleepers of any weight adequately. The mattress can accommodate the extra pressure of the pelvis and the curve of the lower back. The midsection of heavier people may sink lower into the bed.

Stomach Sleepers

This mattress is not well suited for stomach sleepers, particularly those weighing above 130 lbs If you lay on your stomach on this mattress, you’ll assume a U-shape which can lead to back pain and discomfort.

Temperature Control & Breathability

The Leesa Hybrid is highly breathable thanks to its “hole-punched” top layer.

Feel & Bounce

Apart from its medium-firm feel, the high responsiveness of the innerspring coils of the Leesa Hybrid give it a great bounce. This resistance to compression makes the mattress suitable for people who perform more rigorous activities on their bed.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation of the Leesa Hybrid is just a little above average at best. Even though the innerspring coils are pocketed and separated, they still confer a certain degree of responsiveness to the mattress.

Hence, it is not the best mattress for you if your partner is sensitive to movement while sleeping.

Edge Support

People who sit or sleep close to the edge of their mattress will like the Leesa Hybrid. The innerspring coils located around the edge of the bed are reinforced to provide better support.

Also, the relatively thick layers of polyfoam (as opposed to memory foam) can withstand compression to some extent.


This mattress is expected to serve you for a minimum of 10 years. It comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.