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Purple Mattress

Brand News & History

At its core, Purple is the partnership between the innovative Pearce brothers Tony, an aerospace engineer, and Terry, a manufacturing and design expert. The brand and its best-selling mattresses are both named for the hue of the super-comfortable material the brothers invented together.

In the early 1990s, the brothers developed a successful range of wheelchair cushioning called Floam, which is still used today. Floam can be found in sneakers, industrial knee pads, bag straps, surgical tourniquets, and many other places that require some extra cushioning.

In the two decades that followed, the brothers continued experimenting with pressure relief, leading to a breakthrough in sleep technology. In 2013, they invented hyper-elastic polymer, an incredibly durable and supportive material that is the mainstay of the Purple mattress. The polymer can be produced in significant quantities for little money, using a machine called the Mattress Max, found at the company’s headquarters near Salt Lake City, Utah. This innovation allows customers to enjoy a luxury mattress at a fraction of what they would usually pay.

The Pearce brothers are continually working on their line of sleep-related products. According to their mission statement, the goal of Purple is to “Help people live more comfortably no matter where they are or what they’re doing.” In other words, they aim to become a complete “comfort company.”

Purple Mattress

This is Purple’s original, standard model. It consists of a two-inch gel Grid and dual-layered comfort foam (rather than the coils found in the Hybrid and Hybrid Premier). The foam still ensures both support and flexibility for sleepers. You can read SleepMoment’s review of the classic Purple mattress here.

Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid model is slightly less flashy and more affordable than the Premier. It’s also more breathable than many of Purple’s other mattresses due to the combination of a two-inch gel Grid and wrapped stainless steel coils.

The Purple Hybrid Premier

The brand’s best-selling mattress, the Hybrid Premier has the thickest gel Grid layer of hyper-elastic polymer of all Purple mattresses, which means it exerts the least pressure on the body during sleep. The mattress supports its waffle-like Grid with top-quality coils, which flex to support your body position. The Hybrid Premier is available with either a three- or four-inch layer of gel Grid.

Notable Features

The credentials of its founders make Purple a trusted brand. The Purple Mattress gel Grid is scientifically proven to reduce pressure significantly. The patented hyper-elastic polymer supports the back, hip, and shoulder areas and does not allow for sinking. This makes for more comfort while you’re asleep, which means less pain and discomfort during waking hours. The Grid is also temperature-neutral, so it offers a cool night’s sleep.

The material is manufactured in a 3D Grid formation with over 1,800 “channels” or pockets. The walls of each pocket either stand firm or fold, depending on how much pressure the body puts on them. This flexibility makes Purple’s mattresses a particular favorite for those who like to sleep on their back—though they’re great for all sleeping positions.

Materials & Sourcing

All Purple mattresses have a top layer of hyper-elastic polymer. This gel is unique to Purple and patented by the Pearce brothers.

The more expensive the Purple mattress, the deeper the gel Grid layer, meaning more hyper-elastic polymer in the mattress. The two plusher versions of the Purple mattress have stainless steel coils between the layers, rather than the foam found in the standard Purple mattress.

Purple describes its mattresses as being allergen-resistant and non-toxic. They are also recyclable and produced from food- and food-contact-grade ingredients. The foam is also CertiPUR-US­® Certified.

Customer Service & Support

Customers who are unsure of whether a Purple mattress is right for them have the option to speak to a “sleep expert” by phone. The website also has a chatbot tool, which allows you to speak with a representative directly. It’s also possible to call or send an email—check the contacts page for details.

The brand offers a 100 Night No Pressure Trial on all Purple mattresses, so customers who don’t love the mattress after 100 nights can send it back for a complete refund (minus shipping and packaging costs).

All Purple mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, and the brand’s other sleep products come with a range of warranties as well. Purple also offers repayment plans with zero percent interest and conventional loans (also with no interest charges).

Additional Products

In addition to the three versions of the adult Purple mattress, the brand offers a kid mattress, four different types of Purple pillows, and a pillow booster. They also sell a range of bedding, including sheets, mattress protectors, duvets, and weighted blankets. If you’re dedicated to outfitting your sleep set-up entirely in Purple, you can also purchase a bed frame and pajamas from their website.