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Gel + Memory Foam
Firm, Plush, Ultra Plush
$999 – $2199 (Queen)
Trial: 120 Nights Warranty: 10 Years

Memory foam mattresses don’t come packed with more features than the iComfort by Serta Mattress. The mattress manufacturer, Serta, has secured its status as one of the leading producers of mattresses following several decades of quality production, and the iComfort line is its most advanced series yet. The iComfort line’s innovative features set it apart from many other memory foam mattresses on the market.

One of the most remarkable features of the iComfort Mattress is its carbon fiber and open celled memory foam that complement each other to ensure the mattress remains cool while you sleep. This technology makes it one of the most reliable mattresses for hot sleepers.

Additionally, the infused gel goes a long way in providing support and pressure relief for sleepers. It also works alongside the carbon fiber and open-cell memory foam in regulating the temperature of the mattress.

Are you sensitive to allergens? This mattress is also hypoallergenic, as confirmed by its CertiPUR-US certification.

If you want to learn more about the iComfort Mattress series before making a purchase, you are in the right place.

Materials & Construction

There is some variation within the iComfort line. First, there’s the iComfort original model and the iComfort Hybrid—but this review will focus on the former.

The original iComfort Mattress comes in five different forms: the iComfort Limited Edition, Base Only, Cooling Upgrade, Max Cooling Upgrade, and Max Cooling & Pressure Relief Upgrade. To determine which model is right for you, you’ll want to understand each of the individual layers present in each version of the mattress.

Carbon Fiber Memory Foam– All iComfort Mattress models, with the exception of the Limited Edition model, include this cooling layer that dissipates heat away from the body and provides additional strength for support.

Gel Active Max Foam– You’ll find this layer in the Cooling Upgrade model. The open celled memory foam allows for optimum airflow.

Cold Touch Cover– This cooling knit cover is built into the Limited Edition, Base Only, and Cooling Upgrade models.

Max Cold Cover– The more premium options in the iComfort line, the Max Cooling Upgrade and Max Cooling & Pressure Relief Upgrade, feature this luxury cover made with premium fibers.

Air Support Foam– Only available in the Max Cooling & Pressure Relief Upgrade, the air support layer contours to the body and helps relieve aches and pains.

EverCool Fuze Gel Memory Foam– The EverCool Fuze Gel Memory Foam provides support, cooling, and pressure relief to the Limited Edition, Base Only, and Cooling Upgrade models.

EverCool Fuze Gel Foam– Only available in the Limited Edition model, this layer uses a gel and foam fusion to dissipate heat and maximize airflow.


The Limited Edition, Base Only, and Cooling Upgrade models come at a standard firmness level, around a 5/10 on the mattress firmness scale. The Max Cooling Upgrade, and Max Cooling & Pressure Relief Upgrade versions, however, come in firm, plush, or ultra plush.

Sleep Position & Pressure Relief

The iComfort by Serta Mattress ranks high with respect to pressure relief. The pressure points in your body tend to sink deeper into the mattress as you lie on it. However, the memory foam top layer will mold to fit your body shape, thereby providing balance and pressure-point relief.

Side Sleepers

This makes the iComfort particularly ideal for side sleepers. The hips and shoulders are the main pressure points of side sleepers. Thanks to its impressive conforming ability, the iComfort will provide the necessary support in these areas. The heavier you are, the firmer the mattress model you should opt for.

Back Sleepers

If you get a firm model of this mattress, it will serve you well as a back sleeper. If you’re a back sleeper who enjoys the comfort of a softer mattress, the plush option may fit the bill—however, we wouldn’t recommend the ultra plush option.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers should also go for the firmest models of the iComfort Mattress. A firm mattress will prevent you from sinking too deep into the mattress. This helps in spine alignment while sleeping. Conversely, plush versions of the mattress will readily sink in and your spine to assume a slightly bent position.

iComfort mattress by Serta set up on wood bed platform

Image Courtesy of Serta

Temperature Control & Breathability

The iComfort by Serta is highly breathable. It features several layers that are specifically designed to regulate heat. Its carbon fiber and gel-infused memory foam are quite effective in dissipating thermal heat.

Cooling symbol on side of Sera iComfort mattress

Image Courtesy of Serta

Motion Isolation

Memory foam is renowned for its superb motion isolation. The iComfort by Serta, with its low bounce and responsiveness, allows two people to sleep without one of them worrying about the other partner interrupting their sleep at night with their movement.

According to an online reviewer, “I share my bed with my husband and sometimes the kids and dog sneak into our [bed] and there’s absolutely no interruption with the iComfort CF4000 Plush!”

Edge Support

Unlike most memory foam mattresses on the market, the iComfort Mattress line has reinforced edges in the polyurethane support core. The edges of the elastic polymer layer are also strengthened.

This helps to prevent the sleeper from rolling off the edge. Hence, it is ideal for people who move in their sleep.


One of the major drawbacks of this mattress is its longevity, or rather, the lack of it. Although it comes with a 10-year warranty, many users have complained that their mattress lost its support before that time.

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