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Back in 1889, Daniel Haynes founded Sealy after making cotton-stuffed mattresses for his friends and family. Now, 130 years later, Sealy has sold over 100 million beds worldwide and was ranked America’s #1 Mattress Brand in 2020. With an online and in-store shopping experience, you can easily get your hands on a Sealy mattress.

When Posturepedic boomed in the 1950s, Sealy led the way as the premier mattress supply chain. Sealy prides itself on going above and beyond industry standards. They ensure that every Sealy mattress will keep you rested and satisfied for years to come.

Current Collections

Sealy has four different mattress lines to choose from, each with varying degrees of firmness from ultra-plush to ultra-firm.

The Cocoon by Sealy

The Cocoon is Sealy’s trademark brand and comes in two different styles to choose from based on your needs. The 10-inch Memory Foam Chill Mattress is for those looking to sink into Sealy memory foam with comforting support and a modern feel. Alternatively, the Cocoon Hybrid provides the bounce of an innerspring mattress while still keeping you cool and comfortable with Sealy’s memory foam.

Both lines come equipped with cooling technology built into Sealy’s premium stretch-knit covers to displace heat and keep you cool while you sleep. The Sealy Cocoon has a medium-firm feel, and their Perfect Fit Memory Foam can adapt to any body type and sleep position.

Sealy Innerspring ‘Response’ Mattresses

If you’re looking for a classic, bouncy feel in your mattress, Sealy’s Response line might suit your needs.

  • The Response Essential– is their basic innerspring mattress and comes with the performance and comfort you’d expect from a Sealy mattress. This line provides standard support and a top layer of SealyCushion Air Foam. The Response Essential is available in plush, cushion firm, and firm.
  • The Response Performance– line equipped with full Posturepedic technology. The support you get from the Posturepedic is unparalleled to the Response Essential. The Performance’s top layer consists of SealyCushion Air Foam and their SealyCool Gel Foam. The DuraFlex Edge Support keeps the sides from sinking and is kind to edge-of-the-bed sleepers. The Response Performance is available in plush, fusion firm, and firm.
  • The Posturepedic Plus Innerspring– This mattress provides maximum support due to its exclusive Posturepedic technology. Its top layer consists of SealyCool Gel Memory Foam and their trademark ComfortSense HD Premium Memory Foam. Equipped with the same edge support system as the Response Performance, the Posturepedic Plus also comes with the best coil system Sealy has to offer—The Response Pro HD Encased Coil System. The Posturepedic Plus runs the full gambit of firmness, from ultra-plush to ultra-firm.

Sealy Memory Foam Mattresses

Like their innersprings, Sealy offers three different memory foam mattresses: The Sealy Essential, The Sealy Performance, and The Sealy Premium. Each is equipped with Sealy ComfortSense and Foam and SealySupport Gel Foam. All three of their memory foam mattress lines come in all mattress sizes, from twin to California king.

  • The Sealy Essential– offers standard support and comes with Sealy’s Ultra-Stretch Comfort Loft Cover. The top layer is made exclusively of Sealy ComfortSense Memory Foam. It is available in firm, fusion firm, and plush.
  • The Sealy Performance– is a Posturepedic Mattress and comes with everything mentioned in the Sealy Essential. However, the Performance line adds Sealy Chill Gel Memory Foam to the top layer. The Performance’s Comfort Loft Cover includes Sealy’s MoisturePerfect technology to draw moisture away from your body at night. The Sealy Performance comes in firm, cushion-plush, and plush.
  • The Sealy Premium– comes with everything mentioned above but comes with Sealy’s most innovative mattress cover technology. This mattress is available in firm and ultra-plush.

Sealy Hybrid Line

The Hybrid Mattresses will give you the bouncy feel of an innerspring with all the comfort of memory foam. There are three tiers of Sealy Hybrids to choose from—Essential, Performance, and Premium.

  • The Sealy Essential Hybrid– offers standard support and comes with Sealy’s ComfortSense Foam top layer. Sealy’s trademark ResponsePro Encased Coil system offers the support you need through the night. Each Sealy Hybrid, the Essential included, comes with their DuraFlex Edge coil system. This mattress’s feel is only available in a firm.
  • The Sealy Performance Hybrid– takes the Essential to the next level with Posturepedic technology and 20 percent more coils. The top layers are made of the all-new Sealy Immersion Advanced Memory Foam with Chill. Its coil systems include Sealy’s all-new Response Pro Zoned HD Encased Coil System. This mattress is available in every size and in cushion firm, firm, and plush.
  • The Sealy Premium Hybrid– comes with an allergen protective cover that’ll keep you just as cool and comfortable as any other Sealy mattress. With the same all-new memory foam and coil system technology, the Premium Hybrid Mattress provides the best-in-class support among Sealy Hybrids. It is available in all sizes with a firm, plush, or ultra-plush feel.

Notable Features

Every Sealy mattress comes with patented and trademarked technologies that have kept Sealy as one of America’s leading mattress brands for 130 years. With tens of thousands of five-star reviews, Sealy must be doing something right.

Sealy’s most notable feature is their Posturepedic technology developed with the help of orthopedic specialists. Their mattresses come with reinforced centers as most of your body weight rests in the middle of the bed when you sleep. Posturepedic technology targets the heaviest part of your body when you sleep for optimized support and comfort.

View of Sealy mattress layers

Image Courtesy of Sealy

Materials & Sourcing

The foam used in all of Sealy’s mattresses is CertiPUR-US certified for safety. CertiPUR conducts in-depth investigations and safety inspections before awarding any mattress brand with a certification. Sealy mattresses also meet and comply with all Federal Flammability Standards.

Customer Service & Support

Sealy’s Cocoon Mattress is the only Sealy mattress available online. All others can be picked up at a retail store near you. However, the Sealy Cocoon comes with a 100-night at-home trial. Sealy also offers free shipping and returns on the Cocoon along with a 10-year limited warranty. The Cocoon comes in a 15-inch by 15-inch by 44-inch maneuverable box and arrives right to your doorstep. Sealy provides an easy-to-follow online video tutorial for moving, unpacking, and setting up your Sealy Cocoon.

The Cocoon Hybrid or any Sealy Chill Mattress also comes with a free Chill Bundle, including two Sealy pillows and a full Sealy sheet set.

That same 10-year limited warranty comes with all of their other mattress lines. For customer support, call 1-800-697-3259 or email at Do you have a question about an existing online order? Email for help.

Profile of Sealy mattress

Image Courtesy of Sealy

Additional Products

Other than mattresses, Sealy also provides adjustable bases, pillows, and sheets. Sealy’s DreamFit pillows offer superior softness and breathability and are made with a 100 percent Supima cotton cover. You can flip the DreamSupport pillows to offer two different degrees of firmness and comfort.

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