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The Avocado Latex Mattress Review

Price: $1,799
1 Year
25 Years

Materials & Construction

Avocado prides itself on using organic materials and GOTS/GOLS-certified mattress products. The Avocado Latex mattress contains 9 inches of organic Dunlop latex along with organic cotton and wool. All of Avocado’s materials come from their 40,000-acre farm in Northern India.

Inside the factory, the wool is naturally cleaned, carded, and combed without the aid of any harmful chemicals. Their 100 percent natural latex rubber comes from their certified latex farms and processing facility in India. All of their raw materials ship to Los Angeles, where every Avocado mattress is handcrafted.

The Latex Mattress cover is made from organic cotton and quilted with GTOS certified organic wool. All-natural wool keeps the Avocado Latex cool and comfy while assuring you of its organic roots. The foam core splits into three layers—two comfort layers and one dense support core—all made from GOLS certified Dunlop Latex. Avocado mattresses are biodegradable and constructed with environmental consciousness in mind.


The Avocado Latex is rated 7.5/10 on the firmness scale. You will float on top of this mattress instead of sinking into it. The Avocado Latex is the brand’s firmest mattress available and made for active couples, stomach sleepers, and larger body frames. This Avocado is not a good fit for side sleepers as the bouncy latex core creates pressure points around the hips and shoulders.

One particular factor to keep in mind is different body types can change how the Avocado Latex feels. For example, those who weigh 130 plus pounds will get the most out of this mattress. Heavier frames react well with the Avocado Latex’s bounce. If you’re on the petite side, this mattress isn’t made for you, especially if you’re a side sleeper. You’ll want something more on the plush side.

Sleep Position & Pressure Relief

Stomach Sleepers

The Avocado Latex is for stomach sleepers. With even pressure relief around the entire body, this mattress keeps your spine aligned and prevents your hips from sinking. Stomach sleepers tend to stray away from memory foam mattresses. The support they’ll get from the Avocado Latex is similar to that of an innerspring or hybrid mattress.

Back Sleepers

On the same token, the Avocado Latex also works for those who prefer to sleep on their back. Back sleepers get the luxury of choosing between plush and firm mattresses. You will not sink into this mattress like you would a pure memory foam bed. The Avocado Latex provides even pressure relief across your body.

The most important factor when it comes to back sleepers is lumbar support. Avocado’s three-zone support system promotes healthy spines by providing more support in the middle of the mattress to keep your lower back from sinking in.

Side Sleepers

While the Avocado Latex works for stomach and back sleepers, side sleepers should pass. The bouncy core and firm feel will increase pressure around the hips and shoulders and leave your back unsupported. You’ll want to invest in something a little plusher, and possibly in the memory foam or hybrid mattress family.

On the contrary, heavier side sleepers (230 plus pounds) will get some use out of the Avocado Latex as they’ll be able to sink into it more effectively than light-framed individuals. If your body weight is in line with these specs, the Avocado Latex may be a good fit for you. However, there may still be better options available.

Man sitting on the edge of Avocado Latex mattress

Image Courtesy of Avocado

Temperature Control & Breathability

Dunlop Latex is a naturally temperature-neutral material. Those who tend to sleep hot will find the Avocado Latex does not absorb much heat through the night. Memory foam is a crucial component to keeping you extra cool at night. While the 2 inches of comfort memory foam in the Avocado Latex aid in temperature control, there are better options for those who have serious trouble keeping cool at night. If you’re someone who wakes up sweaty most mornings, the Avocado Latex will help, but it’s not the absolute best choice.

Feel & Bounce

The Avocado Latex is bouncy, but not too bouncy. Its responsiveness is especially great for active couples. While you won’t feel like a child on a trampoline, you won’t feel like you’re sinking into pure memory foam. This will be common among most latex mattresses. They exist in the middle between memory foam, coil, and foam/coil hybrids.

Image Courtesy of Avocado

Motion Isolation

Motion transfer and isolation are two of the most important components of buying a new mattress, especially for couples. Those who have spent years together know precisely how the other person sleeps. New couples looking to buy their first mattress should opt for something that limits motion transfer. While the Avocado Latex does absorb some motion, it’s not ideal.

The feel and bounce of the Avocado Latex will lead to more motion transfer than plush mattresses. This is expected when purchasing a mattress with more bounce, especially when it comes to couples looking to share a bed. Heavy sleepers will manage. Those who move around at night or find themselves waking up to use the bathroom will transfer any motion to their partner.

On the positive side, combo sleepers who tend to change position through the night will stay comfortable as they roll from their back to their stomach. They can also roll over with ease and won’t feel like they’re crawling out of a memory foam pit to change positions.

Edge Support

You’d be surprised how much you rely on your mattress’s edge support to accomplish everyday tasks. While the Avocado Latex doesn’t provide the same edge support as an innerspring mattress, you should be able to sit and tie your shoes without sinking off the side of the bed.

Sleepers who find themselves spreading out at night will also find consistent support and comfort as their extremities reach the sides of the bed. If you’re someone who sleeps primarily on the edge of the mattress, you’ll want to invest your money into something more firm. Furthermore, heavier framed people will want to invest in something that focuses on edge support.

Parents who are sleeping with a child in the bed or dog lovers who allow their best friend to snuggle up next to them need more surface area to spread out. More edge support means more responsive areas of the mattress to sleep. We all know the dog is getting the most comfortable spot.


Latex is a naturally durable material. As mentioned, Avocado Latex also comes with a 25-year warranty that protects against natural wear and tear. As long as you follow the specifications laid out in the warranty, you should not have a problem replacing or repairing your mattress. Either way, this mattress should last you a long time, barring misuse and non-sleep-related damage.

One thing to keep in mind is the weight of the Avocado Latex Mattress. A queen weighs close to 150 pounds, so those looking to purchase one may want to have a friend or partner help them unbox and set up. The mattress does come with heavy-duty handles on each side for easier movement. Of course, this is the nature of latex. The heavier material will last longer and keep the mattress from sliding off your bed frame.

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